Production process

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Everything starts with an idea.
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The first step to implement your idea is the work of the design office.

Knowledge of technology language and digital machine tools, give the results in the form of products unattainable for companies specialized in one technology.

Technology consulting

Not every designer knows the technologies needed to realize his idea, but each designer know how it should look the tiniest detail. Neo Spiro Team, using technological facilities of Factory, we advises on the technologies selection and identifies design weaknesses.

Quality tests

Your idea turned into a project, and this in a prototype. This does not mean, that we have a finished product. Now we have to make a series of tests to prove its quality. All of the smallest errors at this stage are improved, so that the final product does not have blemishes.


From this point we can talk about the product - a product that has been sucessfully deployed into production.



The company provides services in the field of carpentry, punching shapes in plywood, plastics and aluminum, varnishing, UV printing on hard surfaces.


Neo-Spiro provides services in the field of: laser cutting, rolling, edging, cutting of wire, riveting and welding tecyhnology.


The specificity of the products is wax casting technique in unique forms. We create paraffin lanterns, also CNC milled.

got idea?
we can make it together!