The key of Neo Spiro production processes is the work of its designing department. It is the place where all these great ideas emerge taking into account the capabilities of the technology. Knowing the digital language and the technology of the CNC machinery makes it possible to create products that are unattainable for other companies that specialize in only one technology.

Furthermore, our designers take photos and create publicity materials.





Neo Spiro factory has the machines producing solid wood products. These are the conventional planers, saws and band saws, grinders, as well as spray paint and drying room. These technologies are supported by the CNC milling plotters which allow the processing of wood and plywood without limitation of shape, size and thickness. The result is a series of educational toys cut in plywood, candlesticks, decorations and furniture made from alder and oak wood.

Cooperation with the metalwork division gives a collection of products combining wood and metal: cosiness of oiled alder with a unique design of rusty sheet. The company provides services in the field of carpentry, cutting shapes in plywood, plastics and aluminium, painting and UV printing on hard surfaces.





Neo Spiro Factory has in its structure the department of plastic sheet processing supported by ironworks.
Products made here are chracterised by high precision of cutting shapes in black and stainless sheet metal thanks to the use of laser technology. Rolling and edging enrich production capabilities. Pieces made from wire and sheet metal are joined by welding, pressure welding and riveting. The company uses different techniques for surface finishing like powder coating, zinc plating and rusting.

The ability to print the sheet surface in UV technology is highly innovative. "Neo-Spiro" performs technological services in the following areas: laser cutting, rolling, edging, cutting profiles and wire, riveting, welding and pressure welding. Metal sheet division provides candlemaking division with many unique forms. For advertising purposes, products can be labelled by logotype..





The Neo Spiro company produces candles and lanterns made from paraffin wax. The specificity of these products is the technique of wax casting in unique forms. They are made in our metal sheet division. „To size" candlesticks are also produced there. Long lasting and intensive aroma, many different colours and decorations like shells, plants or flowers immersed in paraffin make the candles unique.

Paraffin lanterns are empty forms where a replaceable tealight candle is a light source. Furthermore, the use of CNC milling technique also allows the lanterns to be decorated with openwork motifs or logotypes.